Like in Kintsugi bowl art, my son — conceived in rape — was my repairing gold.

By M.Hetrick 

This story isn't a easy one for me to tell, so when you read this hold fast to knowing I survived through determination. I had a traumatic childhood rampant with abuse and neglect.
Fast forward to my adulthood:

I was standing at the pharmacy counter waiting for my interview to start. He walked past me, swift and confident. With a passing glance we gestured hello. I worked endless hours to pay for my apartment and living expenses and minded my business.
I had grown a friendship with Nick who was a fellow shift manager and we spent every shift working alongside one another. 
One night he invited me over to his friend’s house. That friend was the one I had ran into the day of my interview. Nick and I had arrived to a dark house and I was escorted to a side porch that had a hot tub and bar. We sat there socializing and laughing. 
The three of us bonded and I eventually moved in with Nick’s friend — who was now mine too. Within a few weeks he began abusing me and I wasn't …

Lori Was Diagnosed With An Aggressive Cervical Cancer When She Was 3 Months Pregnant. She Refused To Abort Her Daughter And Is Now Cancer Free.

Written By Lori 

I must start this story out by saying this is a story of a pregnancy that was very much planned, but turned out not being what I had planned ,  hence why I call this my “Unplanned Story”.
After seeing the movie “Unplanned” , it got me to thinking why not write my own story so others may see there is hope. I am living proof that when your baby decides to come earlier than expected and your life is in danger that there is NEVER a need to abort your child. There is always a way to save the life of the mother and the child too.
I was only 19 and I had lost twins at 6 months due to an underlying infection.  They were identical and absolutely perfect.  I remember actually delivering one before the doctor could make it into the room and held that tiny little baby that used to have life but no longer did.  
I was young and so very scared.  It took me many years and lots of healing to get past that loss.  Fast forward several years, I found out we were pregnant again.  I was ecsta…

Facebook PUNISHES Life Defenders For Sharing Post By Prominent Pro-Life Org In Northern Ireland — Precious Life — Labeling It As “Fake News”.

This morning Life Defenders Newfoundland And Abroad  was notified by Facebook that we have been flagged for “fake news” because of a post we shared by Precious Life , a prominent pro-life organization based in Northern Ireland that has been at the forefront of standing up against the legalization of abortion in their country. Within a few days our reach went from approximately 500-700 THOUSAND to 59 THOUSAND in 1 day. One of the penalties of being flagged is a major dip in the reach of the pages that receive it. 

Precious Life is not the only organization that has been flagged for “fake news” by “independent fact checkers”. Live Action  (a prominent pro-life news org in America) is currently standing up for Facebook’s stifling of free speech  after they were targeted for a video about abortion never being medically necessary. The Executive Director of “The American Association Of Pro-Life Obstetricians And Gynaecologists “, Dr. Donna Harrison, also weighed in on this claim, saying :

The McKinney’s Tribute To their Daughter , Mya , Who They “Carried To Birth”

written by Mya’s mom and shared here with permission

Mom from Newfoundland shares photos of her son stillborn at 19 weeks

Written by his mom, Ashley , who is also admin at Life Defenders.
From the moment a mother finds out she’s pregnant, she anticipates the day she’ll get to hear her baby’s heartbeat and see him or her on the ultrasound screen. It doesn’t matter how many times she gets to see her baby, each time is just as special as the one before. 
My second ultrasound was filled with silence and concern. When the doctor first told me something was wrong, my initial thought was “the baby must have a deformity or something”. That day I was supposed to find out the sex of my baby,  never in a million years did I ever think I would be told that he didn’t make it. According to the doctor, he passed away a couple of weeks before my ultrasound.
My doctor tried to explain, but to be honest, I couldn’t quite understand it. I don’t think she understood herself. She told me that she found pockets of fluid on his arms and chest. She believed that my body created “new” antibodies to attack my baby. The scary thin…

I Was A Pregnant Addict. My Son Wasn’t The Problem. He Was The Answer.

Written by Susana Khai 
I remember that for the last couple of weeks, something felt different. My body felt bloated and my moods did too. I had been pregnant before, so I knew that feeling and I got suspicious. As I walked out of the bathroom with my pregnancy test, I just knew.
I had been battling a heroin addiction for about 2 years. The fact that I was afraid to bring another child into this world was an understatement. I had done this before when I was 14 when I had a beautiful little girl that I gave up for adoption. I had my son Gage at 16. This would be the third child that I brought into this world under not so favorable circumstances. Now my current situation felt even more bleak, I’m 19, but I still haven’t grown much emotionally or mentally. You see, addiction didn’t allow me to grow. In fact, I’m sure its goal was to destroy me and halt growth at any cost.
I felt like I had no idea what I was going to do. I was scared. My boyfriend’s family at the time were suspicious of us –…