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Born to a long-term alcoholic, ENDING my life would NOT have been an act of compassion. - but adoption was.

My name is Carla, but I wasn't born Carla. I was born Sara and I’m from Dublin ,  Ireland.  My birth mother was a raging alcoholic, who chose life for me in 1988, even though she couldn't master her addiction.

I was conceived in an abusive relationship. My mother’s drinking was quite unhealthy, but she was incredibly brave to have given me life. And as hard as it was, I know she did the right thing. My adoptive parents are wonderful and have never given up on me, even though I was a difficult child. From the age of 17, I began my own battle with alcoholism, which through the years got ugly.

In 2013, on the 26th of December, I had invited over a friend I had known since I was about 10 years old. For some odd reason we began talking about my adoption. I don't know what led us to talk about it that day, but life was about to take a journey on a crazy rollercoaster. Within an hour of talking about my adoption, with help from my adoptive mother putting together pieces of the …

Miracle on the Street: Baby is born after her mother dies in run over accident

Written by EstebanPittaro for Aleteia
Translated for Life Defenders by Ana Correa

The police officer who found her: “God was there with us to give us the necessary wisdom in a moment like this”.

“I want the baby to be named Milagros (Miracles in Spanish), because that is what she was.God was there with us every moment”.

That is how she summarized the amazing event witnessed byofficer EmilceIramaĆ­n, who discovered what according to her and to the doctors, can only be considered a miracle. 

On Friday night, while patrolling the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina), at the corner of routes 8 and 202, in San Miguel, Emilce and her partner, Gonzalo, noticed that a truck had run over a pedestrian.  When they approached, Emilcesaw the lifeless body of a woman, but noticed that something was moving inside her pants.  The woman, who had passed away seconds before, was giving birth.  Right there on the street. 
Emilce’s partner cut traffic, while she helped the baby girl complete her own delivery.  “¡I s…