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UK Mom Seeks Stricter Laws To Protect Pre-Born Babies Like Her Son

At 23 & 5 weeks pregnant, Emma Fairbairn started off May 25th of last year like any other - but it turned out to be a day that would change her life forever. On her way home from visiting the nursery her son would be in after his birth, she was involved in a serious car crash. 
She and her pre-born son were rushed to the hospital via ambulance where they both were treated. Filled with hope after feeling him kick in the ambulance & being informed that scans showed everything was normal, she breathed a sigh of relief. She and her baby boy were going to be ok!

They were admitted for observation and later that evening a devastated Emma was told his heartbeat could no longer be found. 
3 days later Fairbarin was induced and she gave birth to her stillborn son, Flynn , weighing just 1 lb 6 oz at 24 weeks & 1 day. 
It was medically confirmed that she had suffered a Complete Placental Abruption that was caused by the hard impact from the crash on Flynn. 

Because her son was born after …

Pregnant With Cancer, Merideth Embraced Hope

Written by Roxane Salonen for Inforum and published August 2018 Reprinted by Life Defenders  with permission
FARGO — Like many parents, Merideth Sorenson and her husband, Troy, began thinking of names for their youngest child well before the due date.
"We really didn't have any good boy names picked out," Sorenson says, despite not knowing the gender.
But the girl name she favored ended up shelved — along with other plans — when, in April, pains Sorenson had been experiencing in her stomach became unbearable.

Initially thought to be pregnancy-related, the discomfort, tests and surgery revealed the unfathomable: She was growing both a baby and a tumor — a rare, aggressive, non-Hodgkin lymphoma — near her small bowel, which had ripped open her intestine.
"They weren't going to tell me until the next day, when I was fully awake and aware," Sorenson says. Four hours after the surgery began, she awoke to "everyone in tears and crying."
Sorenson's father, …

Teen With Spina Bifida Owes Her Life To Fetal Surgery

Bright 17 year old & Atheist , Lizzy Rebecca’s testimony starts when she was still in her mother’s womb. She was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at 15 weeks via ultrasound & her parents began discussing treatment options with their life affirming doctors. Instead of being aborted, at 25 weeks she underwent fetal surgery to put her spine back in place then sewed back into her mothers womb to continue growing. She was born at 34 weeks and since birth she has had to have 8 more surgeries, one of which was to place a shunt into her brain to drain the fluid from her Hydrocephalus. 
Due to her Spina Bifida, she cannot feel some parts of her lower extremities- including when she goes to the bathroom- but she’s rising above those limitations & is so very thankful to be alive. 

Lizzy’s strong pro-life stance was shaped by her prenatal surgery just a few weeks past the US legal abortion limit. 
“ Clumps of cells can’t have spines sticking out of them so clearly if Spina Bifida occurs aroun…