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Baby Zane James McFarlane, a testament to humanity

The start of the new year for the McFarlane’s was met with sorrow on January 8th, 2018 at 3:48pm whose son was born  at 19 weeks, passing away 1 minute after. 
In his 19 weeks alive in-utero and the minute of loving on him after his birth, Baby Zane James McFarlane, has already had a profound impact on those who knew him. With permission from the family, Life Defenders has the bittersweet honour of sharing some pictures with you.

More and more, parents who suffer the profound loss of children are bravely coming forward to show the humanity of their children to an abortion-minded society that tries to dismiss them as disposable and replaceable.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the McFarlane family at this difficult time.

Written by Feleica Langdon , Founder & President of Life Defenders 

Parents Learn To Embrace The Life Of Their Baby In The Midst Of Uncertainty

I was 12 weeks when my husband and I were told that our baby had fluid at the base of her neck, which could be an indication of Down or Turner Syndrome; but, they were leaning more towards Turners because she had a strong nasal passage. After reading all of the awful things that can occur with Turners, my husband and I agreed that we would abort our baby.After genetic testing it was determined that she had neither . None of the chromosomes were malformed or missing.  That’s when we found out she was a girl.  
Fast forward to the 20 week appointment when we found out that thicker fluid at the base of the neck also could mean cardiac issues.  At this point we had developed a strong bond with our daughter and had accepted our journey. We didn’t receive full knowledge about her condition until it was too late to legally take her life into our own hands, but no matter what the law said, she was our little girl.

When I was 21 weeks of was discovered that Anna had a Double Outlet Right Ventric…

Pressured To Abort Their Daughter After Troubling Prenatal Diagnoses, Elaina’s Parents Embraced Her Life Instead

My name is Laura and I’m Elaina’s mom. It was January 4th, 2017. A year ago I sat sobbing uncontrollably in an ultrasound room after being told Eliana would not likely survive birth. 
I was 21 weeks pregnant and a cleft lip was seen on our routine scan, warranting this trip to the specialist. Zach and I had already come to terms with the cleft, done our research and found a fantastic surgeon in Tampa. 
We foolishly walked into the office hoping her palate would not be involved. Her palate would soon be the least of our concerns. Instead we were given some of the worst news an expecting couple can hear. Without hesitation the doctor told us that our baby girl had numerous defects and clear markers of Trisomy 18 (T18), also known as Edwards Syndrome. She had seen it before and confidently explained that more than 95% of these babies are stillborn or die moments or hours after birth. She explained that, even if our baby fell in the small percentage who survive a few months or years, she wo…

Pro-Life Perspective Behind Friday The 13th

The horror movie franchise, Friday The 13th,  is about a disfigured and mentally challenged little boy who, according to the movie-game adaptation, was conceived in rape. Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mom,  loved her son  very much, in spite of how the world viewed him. She brought him to the Lake for the camp councillors to babysit him because no one else would help her out. While he was there, Jason ran away because he was being bullied; the young and irresponsible councillors didn’t know he was missing because they were too busy getting into trouble. 
He supposedly drowned that day, but we find out years later that he had come back to life and was still at the Lake living off the land with a little shack as his shelter. 
A year after , Pamela was still  riddled with grief and plagued by Jason’s voice in her head telling her to kill the councillors. She sets out to avenge his death,  her first two victims being Barry and Claudette (two people she blamed for her son drowning).
Jason did not …