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An Adoption Story : Birth Mother to Toby Mac’s Twins

Written by birth-mother Jina
It was September 11, 2001, when a tragedy and a miracle would occur on the same day. I was living with my mother in Norfolk, VA with my 2 children. My mother woke me up, telling me that a plane had just hit WTC building 1. I was not surprised by this news, but I got out of the bed and went into the living room and watched Good Morning America, who was covering the story. We sat there glued to the screen for the next several hours, too horrified to move. After the final plane went down, I left my mother's house, and walked the 15 blocks or so to my sister's apartment, and banged on her door. She had slept through everything and had no clue what was happening. I turned her television on, and as she got caught up with the days events, I contacted the guy I was seeing at the time, and told him I wanted to see him. Hearing how upset I was, he came as quickly as he could. We left my sister's house, and walked to the beach in Ocean View, where we sat q…

For The Christians Still Carrying Shackles

Written by Feleica Langdon, inspired by God
I’ve spent my whole life - and walk with Christ- chained like a circus elephant; chains that Satan attached to me as early as he could. You see, that’s how he works. He knows he has his greatest power over you if he can start beating you down when you’re young and impressionable.

When I got saved , I had God’s power inside of me to break all of the chains that bound me, but Satan had me convinced that I couldn’t possibly break all of them for there were just too many.

I got saved in 2008 , but it wasn’t until 2013 that I finally let God break all of the chains by believing His power, love , and Mercy was greater than all that bound me.

Even though I was broken from my post, I still walked around with reminders of my past bondage still attached to my leg.

I felt like I deserved them. I felt so much shame . I felt like as a Christian I was a failure and was more of a damage to God than any good. That people hated me .

Micah 17:19 You will again …

Pregnant From Rape Twice ; Here’s What My Children Have Taught Me.

Written by Natalie . Published by Life Defenders with permission. 
Aug 14 of 2010,  I was super excited as a new chapter of my life started to unfold before me.
I had just settled in to my new place of living about the inter my freshman year of college. I thought the world was mine to conquer and that nothing stood in my way.

Two weeks into my freshman year I was hanging out with some new friends I had made and around 6pm I was invited to a local party. I hadn’t been with anyone in a sexual manner yet as I was saving myself for my future husband ; I also didn’t do alcohol or drugs.

Knowing that I didn’t consume drugs or alcohol, it became clear to me that a sexual assault had taken place. Being new on campus, I was devastated not knowing what to do or who to reach out to. I ended up telling some neighbourhood girls who also attended the same university amd they brought me to the local hospital where I was treated and spoken to by the local authorities.

I was offered the Plan B pill ri…

Giada, diagnosed with Microcephaly, born healthy.

My ex wife and I conceived Giada about 13 months after our oldest, Giuliana , was born.

The pregnancy seemed to be going smoothly until around 5 months. At a routine ultrasound the doctor told us that our daughter’s head was too small and not going in porportion with the rest of her body and it appeared she had microcephaly.  We were advised to abort . They told us that she would be born with severe cognitive defects and couldn’t guarantee how long we had with her.

We refused and drove 4 hours to Albuquerque, New Mexico to get a second opinion. The doctor was confused as to why we were there because when he conducted his own ultrasound he was adamant that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Giada.

It never crossed our minds to abort Giada—not once- even after she was diagnosed with microcephaly. We just accepted she would need special care and attention and were prepared to walk through any hurdles that came our way. Whether we had seconds, minutes, hours, or years with her, she …

This is how pro-lifers responded to the new president of Planned Parenthood

By ACI Prensa

Dr. Leana Wen, former Commissioner of Health of the City of Baltimore (United States), was appointed as the new president of Planned Parenthood, which has generated various reactions in the pro-life movement.
On September 12, the abortion multinational announced the appointment of the successor to Cecile Richards, who has headed Planned Parenthood since 2006.
In a three-minute video published by Planned Parenthood, Wen described his immigrant background: she moved to the United States from China at the age of eight, worked as an emergency room doctor and as a health commissioner in Baltimore.
"Reproductive health care (abortion) is medical care. Women's health care is health care, and health care must be understood as a fundamental human right, "Wen said in the video.
While Wen expressed her enthusiasm, Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and now a pro-life activist, told CNA - an ACI Group English agency - that she hopes one day to we…

I was sick, neglected, & abused as a child, but through God’s Grace I overcame & He used my life in mighty ways

** No reprinting of this article without permission

written by Joanna for Life Defenders
Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
I was born with a rare auto-immune disease called Neonatal Lupus of which I was officially diagnosed with at a world renowned hospital when I was three. 
To say my upbringing was unstable would be an understatement. I was raised by a sociopathic mother and narcissistic father who both neglected and abused me.

I am #4 of 7 kids, but because of my health challenges and likeable nature I was singled out to experience more aggressive abuse. My mom resented - maybe even hated - the attention that I was getting and wasn’t shy about showing it.  My mother tried  to end my life many times as early as a newborn.
I was always told that I was lucky that they did not believe in abortion or I would of sure been aborted; many times this was literally…