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My “Unplanned” Story Almost Cost Me My Life, But I Fought For Us Both


Lori’s daughter. 
I must start this story out by saying this is a story of a pregnancy that was very much planned, but turned out not being what I had planned ,  hence why I call this my “Unplanned Story”.
After seeing the movie “Unplanned” , it got me to thinking why not write my own story so others may see there is hope. I am living proof that when your baby decides to come earlier than expected and your life is in danger that there is NEVER a need to abort your child. There is always a way to save the life of the mother and the child too. 
I was only 19 and I had lost twins at 6 months due to an underlying infection.  They were identical and absolutely perfect.  I remember actually delivering one before the doctor could make it into the room and held that tiny little baby that used to have life but no longer did.  
I was young and so very scared.  It took me many years and lots of healing to get past that l…

I DIED TWICE to save my children and have NO REGRETS —by Haley Rodriguez

I died. Twice.
Do I have your attention now? Good, this may be a tad long, bare with me. 
I went in to have my second daughter on July 30th, 2013 after my water started to trickle and I had steady contractions for over 4 hours. Upon arriving to the hospital before having her I was told that I was, in fact , leaking and wouldn't be leaving without a baby. I was super excited to finally have her in my arms. My doctor checked in on me and was rushing me to " finish breaking my waters " so he could do a surgery upstairs — I declined since my husband wasn't there yet. 
After my husband finally arrived, we proceed with the breaking of my water. When the doctor did it, he did it roughly to the point it hurt ( breaking my water with my first born never hurt). 
From that point on, it was legit living nightmare. At the time I wasn't sure what was happening, but my room filled with my doctor and nurses. I was turned on my side, then onto my hands and knee…