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Planned Parenthood & The Cult Mentality - Open Series

Written by Life Defenders in collaboration with other pro-life activists 
We’ve been reflecting on the defence of Planned Parenthood a lot lately & it occurred to us just how much it can be likened to a cult mentality. Coming to the realization of this dangerous correlation was so disturbing that we felt it needed to be written about.
Here’s how it relates :  1: Planned Parenthood attacks the family by pitting mothers against their unborn children and calling it health care.

2:  People are looking for something to belong to, a place where they fit in. Planned Parenthood gives people a feeling of solidarity and like they are part of a tribe. When you attack PP, people take it personally as if you are attacking them, even though you're not. 
3: Planned Parenthood tells women that they can’t get by without them because there is no one else willing or capable of taking care of them. Those who buy into that lie blindly defend these “clinics”  against all the logic, facts, & evidenc…

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Hollywood Film Has Pro-Life Message

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is the sequel to the, according to Wesley Morris of the New York Times, ‘wackadoo film’ of Broadway origin. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again released this weekend and is currently #2 in box office revenue, just under Equalizer 2. Its predecessor was the highest-grossing musical of its time, earning a total of $615 million in box office revenue, and the Broadway play ran for 16 years to acclaim and many accolades. 
In it, the action cuts back and forth from the modern era to 1979 on the paradisiac Greek island, Kalokairi. When the film begins, we learn that Donna has died and that her daughter, Sophie, is preparing to open a hotel on Kalokairi, a dream that Donna had had. In the previous film, the plot revolved the fact that a grown-up Sophie did not know whether her father was Bill, Harry, or Sam, and so, she meets all three, accepting them all as her fathers.  
In the 70s, a young Donna travels to this location, because she wants to make some memories. On her way…

Unwanted Child To Pro-Choice Community: Don’t Use Me To Justify Abortion

Written by Rosa Hopkins, Vice-President @ Life Defenders 
My parents had a rocky marriage. Ten years of tantrums, toddlers, fighting, and dealing with the clash of cultures and strong personalities, trouble boiled over to the point of breaking. My mother had plans to leave but began to feel sick. A year prior, her gallbladder had been removed, and in the late 70s, the 18-inch incision took about that long to heal.
She was barley passable.
At the first sign of distress, she assumed she was experiencing more issues related to digestion, but the doctor insisted she take a pregnancy test. With her first and second-born children aged seven and eight years old, she had absolutely no plans to have another child.
Divorce was on the horizon, and a job with the local post office was hiring.
A baby was not what my mother had wanted, and yet, the physician confirmed that I wasn’t a kidney stone she was carrying but a growing, twisting, expanding new life within her belly. I was there, but I wasn’t th…