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Lori Was Diagnosed With An Aggressive Cervical Cancer When She Was 3 Months Pregnant. She Refused To Abort Her Daughter And Is Now Cancer Free.

Written By Lori 

I must start this story out by saying this is a story of a pregnancy that was very much planned, but turned out not being what I had planned ,  hence why I call this my “Unplanned Story”.
After seeing the movie “Unplanned” , it got me to thinking why not write my own story so others may see there is hope. I am living proof that when your baby decides to come earlier than expected and your life is in danger that there is NEVER a need to abort your child. There is always a way to save the life of the mother and the child too.
I was only 19 and I had lost twins at 6 months due to an underlying infection.  They were identical and absolutely perfect.  I remember actually delivering one before the doctor could make it into the room and held that tiny little baby that used to have life but no longer did.  
I was young and so very scared.  It took me many years and lots of healing to get past that loss.  Fast forward several years, I found out we were pregnant again.  I was ecsta…