Baby Zane James McFarlane, a testament to humanity

Born at 19 weeks, weighing 8.5OZ   

The start of the new year for the McFarlane’s was met with sorrow on January 8th, 2018 at 3:48pm whose son was born  at 19 weeks, passing away 1 minute after. 

In his 19 weeks alive in-utero and the minute of loving on him after his birth, Baby Zane James McFarlane, has already had a profound impact on those who knew him. With permission from the family, Life Defenders has the bittersweet honour of sharing some pictures with you.

More and more, parents who suffer the profound loss of children are bravely coming forward to show the humanity of their children to an abortion-minded society that tries to dismiss them as disposable and replaceable.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the McFarlane family at this difficult time.

Written by Feleica Langdon , Founder & President of Life Defenders 


  1. Such a sorrow for theses young parents but so happy they got to love this precious wee boy even for one minute...May God bless and comfort them and grant them peace


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